The Second Humming (2001)

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The Second Humming (2001)
A bit like the first, our second album had more original, non-riff-sampled tracks. Turns out that wasn't a great idea.

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Liner Notes

Our second album was only a half-departure from our first one, in that we still used MTV Music Generator for everything, but rather than rely on premade riffs (which accounted for literally all of the distorted guitar on Fanny Pack Gramma), we arranged almost everything ourselves. Being as I was still very new to the whole process, and Ben had (and still has) no musical training whatsoever, the results were less than we had expected, with a few bright spots throughout.

Unfortunately, this was the last album we both worked on together. We had begun work on a third album, but by that time, I had purchased FL Studio (then named FruityLoops), and was using that almost exclusively. Since Ben didn't have access to this program like he did with MTV Music Generator on his Playstation, he made less and less music as time went on. I continued to produce weird tunes on my own, but my output was slowed down quite a bit, and the next album wouldn't be finished until 2004.


Jordan Roherty
Ben Steeves


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