db-sides (2005)

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db-sides (2005)
Bit of finished and unfinished scraps from the albums made over the years.

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Liner Notes

This is a collection of tracks that were going to go on either a 4th album, or a double-album Ben and I were thinking of making called '... In the Library, With the Candlestick'. Some are just quick ideas, but most are completely finished, for better or for worse.

This marks the last few tracks Ben wrote. I always liked them, and kind of wish we would have been able to put that double-album together.

'Alliance' was written with me thinking that maybe I could 'fake' a band, and pretend that there were 3 other members playing along with me. It didn't go past this track, but I was trying to compose the drumming as if someone was really doing it. Years later, I would get much better at that, but gave up on the 'fake band members' idea, for tax purposes (obviously).

"Richie Chan...(live)" was more fun than anything else. Of course, if I actually played any of these songs live, this would be almost exactly how I'd do this one. Inspired by the first ever db track released, 'Screwed (live)', despite 'Screwed' never having a 'studio' version.

"This is a Problem" was made with a demo version of FL Studio 5. The thing was, since it was a demo, I couldn't save it, so I wrote this all in about 2 hours, and exported it as an mp3. Huge mistake, since I should have done that as a wav file. I always thought it sounded like some weird Mega Man-inspired ditty.

'The Havoc Machine' was going to be some big huge concept album, but I lost interest in it. It involved being trapped in a dream, and being antagonized by a man in a business suit who had smoke for both his hands and his head. Weapon 12 and Alliance were also a part of this huge unfinished concept.

Robot Exhibitionist is a cover of Flash Man's theme from Mega Man 2.

Eda is still one of my all-time favourite things I've done.

Shards was a pseudo-sequel to Crimson Head, written for someone.

Copacetic at 5am is my take on 'Farewell and Goodnight' by the Smashing Pumpkins. Their piano riff at the end is almost too beautiful


Jordan Roherty
Ben Steeves


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