Fanny Pack Gramma (2000)

Fanny Pack Gramma (2000)
Made (almost) entirely with MTV Music Generator (PC and PS1). Some good, some really bad, all db.

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Liner Notes

So I (JR) get MTV Music Generator as a christmas gift in 1999. I LOVED it, and immediately began making some of the worst music I could, though I thought it was great at the time, if not a bit silly. My good friend Ben checks it out, enjoys it, and gets the Playstation version. All told, we ended up with over 30 tracks of music.

They may not be good (watch out for 'Toby Wong', it's appalling on purpose), but they were a blast to write, mix (without knowing how), and to produce. Even worrying about proper track order made us feel like we were really putting together something of value. We handed out copies to friends at school, and I tried many times back then to put it all online, but everyone had dial-up.

I was once told that this stuff made for good 'homework' music. Ironic, since I skipped a lot of homework to make this album.

Well, here it is, finally, for about 4 people who are interested. The first db album, in all its gory glory.


Jordan Roherty
Ben Steeves


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