The Exits (2004)

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The Exits (2004)
My attempt with going it alone. Slightly less silly that previous attempts. Named after a thing from Boy Meets World. I'm 80% proud of it.

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Liner Notes

This album will always remind me of living in Halifax, though only half of it was written/produced there. That's where the album was actually finished, but it was started in my bedroom in Fredericton. This was my first set of tracks that came from me learning and using FL Studio (version 3 at the time of these tracks).

I'm both proud and kind of embarrassed by this album. I'm proud that it's all 100% original music by me (Ben had made some other tracks using MTV Music Generator for PS1, but they're not included here), and that I was able to actually get 12 tracks out of a program I was just getting the hang of. For the record, back then, FL Studio was one of the most backwards programs you could use to produce music, but I didn't know any differently then, I just knew it was better than MTV Music Generator.

Favourites on here for me are Arch Nemesis Beltwiener, Christmas in My Stomach (I almost contacted my old elementary school to see if I could get their choir to actually sing the words 'Christmas In My Stomach', but chickened out because... well.. just re-read what I wrote there, you'll figure out why), and Zealot. Crimson Head was actually picked up and used (for free, with my permission) for a Canadian arts show called Zed. I was super happy, as it was broadcast on national tv! I guess you could consider that our/my first single. Named after an enemy in the remake of the first Resident Evil game.

Anyway, I put a lot of emotion into some of these tracks, but I'm still embarrassed as to how repetitive they are, and my god, Tumble Together needs to be mixed better, but alas, I no longer have the master tracks.

"Richie Chan..." was named at random, but the music was inspired by the first Transporter movie.

Art was done by my friend Claire, from Kansas. Thanks, Claire!

Tumble Together was inspired by a vague memory I have of meeting my distant cousin (who shares my name) when I was little, and we both decided that rolling down a big hill was extremely fun.


Jordan Roherty


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