The Havoc Machine demos (2006)

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The Havoc Machine demos (2006)
Most of the tracks on here were meant for a concept album, but then school happened. A few completed tracks, but most are demos.

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Liner Notes

This album is kind of a follow-up to The Exits, except it's not really an album, just a bunch of old demos and half-finished tracks that started off with a good musical idea, but I never finished. I mean, there are some completed tracks (Sadie, Blueberry, anything without the word 'demo' or 'test' written after the name), but mostly, it's just kind of me saying 'Look, this was what I was working on when I decided that I didn't want to make weird Durvinderblocken music anymore'.

For better or for worse, I actually still feel like making more Durvinderblocken music, except less 'weird', and (hopefully) more 'good'. I've learned a LOT since making all of these 'audities', both in terms of technical knowledge as well as composing/writing, so I'm hoping that whatever I spit out next will be able to be enjoyed by more people than just me with my nostalgia for how I spent my time all those years ago.

Man, I had some BIG musical plans for some of these tracks.


Jordan Roherty


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